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We returned to Casa Velas for the 2nd year in a row & we were even more happy with our stay this time! It s the most quiet & peaceful resort we have ever stayed at. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, this is the place to go! The grounds & accommodations are beautiful & the staff could not be more helpful and pleasant! We will be back at Casa Velas again!
Lyla V
Amazing service and wonderful amenities.
Casa Velas is another facet of the Velas Resorts in Puerto Vallarta. This one is definitely more couples and adults only. Amazing gardens and water features. There is no other resort that features outstanding service at all levels like they do at Casa Velas! Every single food option is well thought out and provides for a variety of tastes. You need to remember to let them serve you! It is in believable the way that they provide thoughtful service to meet everyone of your needs!
11 Dec 2023
Puerto Vallarta
Posted by
Alejandra De La Garza

The Magic of Mojigangas in Velas Resorts Weddings

In the Mexican celebration and culture tapestry, a distinctive expression takes center stage: the renowned Mojigangas. These majestic figures transcend festive adornments, meticulously crafted from papier-maché, sturdy cardboard, and vivid paints. They stand as a profound emblem, seamlessly weaving together the threads of joy, rich historical roots, and artistic expression. 


A cultural fusion

Mojigangas trace their roots back to the colonial era. They emerged as an artistic expression that blended European and indigenous influences, evolving over time into the majestic puppets we know today. These figures reflect the creativity and skill of Mexican artisans, who have spent generations perfecting this art form.

With a height exceeding two meters, mojigangas are more than festive ornaments. They have become fundamental to various celebrations, from parades, festivals, and religious events to themed weddings, such as the popular escalonadas. It is said that they possess the power to attract good fortune and ward off negative energies, making them welcomed guests in life's most special moments.


Velas Resorts elevates tradition

In weddings, Mojigangas are not just witnesses but active participants who commemorate romance by leading the procession alongside the newlyweds. Under this innovative concept, Velas Resorts embodies tradition with personalized figures representing the couple, adding a unique and personalized touch to the celebration.


Photo by Velas Resorts


You can enjoy this unique experience at the award-winning properties in Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, and Los Cabos. It includes the presence of an all-female mariachi, a taco tasting accompanied by the exclusive Golden Ranch Water cocktail, and a fireworks show.


Unforgettable moments

The celebration begins with a Mojiganga parade through the resort, featuring giant recreations of the couple. As the puppet newlyweds walk joyfully, guests create unforgettable memories while enjoying the cultural richness and festive energy.

The festivities continue with the performance of the all-female mariachi, Estrellas de América. Originating from Guadalajara, this talented group of women enhances the vibrant atmosphere with traditional Mexican music.


Photo by Velas Resorts


Later, you can indulge in a taco tasting with the exclusive Golden Ranch Water cocktail. This spirit, adorned with 24-karat edible gold flakes, combines the sparkling minerality of Topo Chico water with the freshness of lemon, the spicy touch of jalapeño, and the intensity of Tajín.

The celebration reaches its pinnacle with a fireworks show, offering a breathtaking view as it illuminates the sky over the ocean. The perfect way to conclude a day filled with romance, laughter, and tradition.


Photos by Velas Resorts
Photos by Velas Resorts


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